3 Songs for Justice

About 3 Songs for Justice

It seems like each day brings with it a new challenge to the basic and foundational rights of folks in this country. This is a tenuous time, where bigotry feels free to rise up, and we must rise up even higher. The three of us- Eliana Light, Chana Rothman, and Isaac Zones– are musicians, Jewish ritual leaders, and educators. And we asked ourselves: What can we do? How can we contribute to the fight for justice in our day?

We can sing.


We can take inspiration and strength from the texts of our sacred heritage that prophesy: change is possible.
We can utilize the beautiful human tool of singing together, that simple yet radical act that gives spirit to the individual and strength to the movement.
We can write and share songs that are easy to sing, easy to teach, and easy to use in settings from services, to pre-march gatherings, to rallies, to school: anywhere that could use a reminder of our commitment to justice.

This is our offering to you:

Gates of Justice” by Chana Rothman. Sacred Text: Psalm 118

Tzedek Tzedek (Rise, Arise)” by Isaac Zones. Sacred Text: Deuteronomy Chapter 16

Towards Justice” by Eliana Light. Sacred Text: Amos Chapter 5

Three singable, shareable, soul-lifting songs, from our hearts to yours.
We worked with the immensely talented videographer and audio artist Dino DiStefano to bring these songs to life in pictures and sound. Our filming location, Project Learn School in Philadelphia, reflects our commitment to inclusive community education.


Gates of Justice

Chana Rothman

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About Chana Rothman

Chana Rothman is a Philadelphia-based singer/songwriter/educator. Her most recent project, 3 Songs for Justice, is a collaboration with 2 other singer/songwriter/educators to create usable, soul-lifting, singable songs for today's troubled world. Her recent album, Rainbow Train, is a danceable revolution of tunes about freedom of gender and self-expression for children and people of all ages. Kathy O'Connell of XPN's Kids' Corner says it "delivers its message of freedom brilliantly."  In her travels throughout the country and world, she uses music as a form of connection, justice, and community building. She makes music locally (at home with her 3 children ages 2, 5, and 7) and globally, having traveled to Israel, Germany, South Africa and England as a touring musician. Most of all, Chana enjoys singing, playing, and laughing together with people of all ages. www.chanarothman.com 


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Isaac Zones

Tzedek Tzedek (Rise, Arise)

About Isaac Zones

Isaac Zones is an Oakland, CA based Jewish musician. Isaac has 2 PJ Library CDs that have won Parents Choice awards and been distributed internationally with musical partner Melita. Isaac plays dance parties with a Jewgrass jam band, SHAMATi. Prior to learning guitar at age 19, Isaac spent all his time playing baseball, and just out of Pomona College was the founding director of Moishe House. Isaac cares deeply about ending racism and lifting up the Jewish community as a part of lifting up all people. Isaac lives with his loving partner Vivian Pacheco and has recently become a father! www.isaaczones.com.


Towards Justice

Eliana Light

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About Eliana Light

Eliana Light is an award-winning songwriter and educator who seeks to invite individuals and communities into the spirit of Judaism. She has released two albums of original Jewish music and travels the country providing artist-in-residence weekends, teaching at conferences, and consulting with synagogues to create intentional, meaningful prayer experiences for adults and children alike. Eliana is the author of Hebrew in Harmony, a curriculum published by Behrman House that utilizes experiential education techniques, especially music, to help students make meaning of prayer. She is also the founder of the G!D Project, an educational initiative focused on accessible, meaningful conversations about G!D and spirituality through ritual, text, and creativity. Eliana received her MA in Jewish Experiential Education from JTS in 2016 and is based in New York City. www.elianalight.com